TEK-V Consulting

What we do

Healthcare is undergoing massive changes-including breakthroughs in digital health, digitally-enabled estates, the rise of personalised care, and value-based care are transforming the industry. TEK-V helps health care organisations take action now by building digital into the fabric of the organisation so they can compete and thrive over the long term.

Our consulting services are aligned along three broad dimensions
Digital Strategy & Innovation

Open data, cloud, advanced technology, digital strategies, innovation and growth

  • Digital Health Strategy
  • ICT Strategy
  • Digital Readiness Assessment
  • Advanced technology Strategy
  • Data / Open Data Strategy
  • Cloud
  • Growth and Markets
  • Advanced Health Operations
Digital First Infrastructure

We redefine build state strategic thinking around our digital first framework

  • Digital Transformation program design
  • Digital Health Business Case
  • Hospital and Health infrastructure commissioning
  • Risk management
  • Digital First buildings

Digital ready workforce, clinical experience, change management, transformation, training, leadership capability, workforce strategy

  • Digitally Ready Boards
  • Readiness Assessment
  • Digital Workforce Strategy
  • Digital Career Model Design
  • Multi-Speed Digital
  • Change Program Design