Venture Builder

Building health innovation

Tektology is a health tech Venture Builder and ecosystem orchestrator, generating value for its clients by actively helping to execute and achieve client growth plans through our living lab methodology and innovation network. Tektology relies on its innovation network for demand, capital, ideas and market access.

Aligned interests

Tektology aligns its interests by participating in ownership (or similar) instead of traditional fees by its clients, and occasionally also chooses to invest capital when this is deemed beneficial to a client’s long-term interests.

Growth lab venture builder

Tektology uses its living lab methodology to drive its consulting offerings that are focused and structured around all the aspects that a growing business needs. From supporting incubation through to growing teams and developing technology roadmaps, product and market strategies. Tektology grows ventures with meaningful innovations, evidences their success and delivers them to the marketplace.

Combining a venture builder & ecosystem

Tektology meticulously curates its innovation network in order to extract maximum value from said network for Tektology’s clients. Tektology’s innovation network encapsulates demand, capital, ideas, entrepreneurial energy, experience, and vast know-how. The mining of this network combined with Tektology’s own expertise forms our tried-and-trusted backbone for assisting clients.